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Justin McHood is a managing partner at Suited Connector and has been recognized by national media outlets as a financial expert for more than a decade.

Suited Connector

Suited Connector operates a family of websites designed to help consumers make the best possible financial decisions.


VARateLock.com is designed to help people who have served in the military learn more about the VA home loan program.


Mortgage.info helps consumers learn more about their mortgage options – regardless of what mortgage program they may be interested in.


BlownMortgage.com has a large amount of relevant mortgage information and has become a go-to resource for many consumers for more than 7 years now.


Many people who are first time home buyers or have less than perfect credit use FHARateLock.com to learn more about the FHA loan program.

My Thoughts

A few of my personal thoughts about various things - not just financial topics.

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“I can imagine being about 40 and looking for him again and turning up and he is settled, has a beautiful wife and some beautiful kids and he’s completely happy and I’m still on my own … It’s kind of about that.“

This week, someone told me that I operated “off the grid”. Maybe I do. But according to Steve Jobs, that might not be a bad thing. When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and you’re life is just to live your life inside the...


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